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When my family moved to Lake Forest the best decision we made was to enroll our daughter in the Winter Club Preschool.  She instantly felt at home and was welcomed by two amazing and experienced teachers, Jillian and Cindy.  The classroom environment is the perfect blend of play-based learning activities both inside and outside of the classroom.  There is no other Preschool in the community that encourages and fosters independence, confidence and skills through the daily activities of ice-skating, sledding, art projects, cooking and reading.  Our family will forever be grateful for the Winter Club years! -Gretchen Cooper Athas

All three of my children attended Winter Club preschool.  We were there for six years straight and each year was special and memorable in its own unique way.  My children all have fond memories of their time at the pre-school and each is different.  They all loved their outdoor adventures, especially skating.  No other preschool gives you the opportunity to skate and sled in the winter!  From being the letter of the week, to baking on Fridays to being part of the holiday show, each of them developed a strong sense of self at a young age.  Back then, they were actually sad when there was a holiday with no school!  Not only did they all form lifelong friendships, I did as well.  Their closest friends today are the ones they went to preschool with.   All of their teachers were so nurturing and creative.  Each year had different twists in the curriculum depending on the class dynamics.  To this day, my kids bring out their graduation books and go through them together and reminisce about their treasured years at The Winter Club.  As a membership, we are so fortunate that we have the opportunity to have such an incredible pre-school at our disposal. -Jennifer Mower

Attending preschool at the Winter Club has been the perfect learning experience for our young children.  The philosophy and culture of the outdoor classroom allows young minds to explore the natural environment right in our own back yard!  The discovery of their imagination is a thrill to watch.  It is an absolute privilege to have such talented hands teaching our children. -Courtney Trombley