Winter Club preschool is a magical educational experience that 3-5 year olds will never forget! Often referred to as “the best kept secret within this Community,” WC preschool needs no advertisement other than word of mouth to fill the classroom year after year. The Staff, facilities and play-based curriculum are unique to other offerings in town. Children receive undivided and personalized attention to best suit their learning needs as we know no two Students learn the same. The Students form life-long friendships with their peers, and an incredible bond with Teachers formed over multiple years. The Teachers utilize a state-of-the-art good outdoor classroom to inspire and provide a creative learning environment, as well as on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, the Students take to the ice for group skating. My Children, Husband and I have absolutely fallen in love with WC preschool. Our other daughter attended another well-known preschool in town and The Winter Club far exceeds our prior experience. There is so much nurturing, love and patience from the Staff and my Child’s confidence has truly flourished because of their support. Not to mention, her understanding of letters, numbers, and ability to empathize with others is all due to the lessons learned this year in the classroom. It is hard to put into words how much gratitude I have for Winter Club preschool, Miss Floriani and Mrs. Niesman and their respective partners for the impact had on my Child’s Educational and personal growth.  

-Preschool Parent 2021 - Present

We love WC preschool and feel so lucky that our kids get to be a part of this special community. The teachers are incredible and are instrumental in shaping them into well rounded, smart, thoughtful and kind little people. We love how they have the kids outside as much as possible at the outdoor classroom, skating in the winter, and sledding on the hill to name a few. We couldn’t be happier with WC preschool and can’t wait until our son can soon get to experience it too! - Preschool Parent 2021 - Present

We are so thankful for the three incredible years my daughter spent at WC Preschool! There is truly nothing like the love and creativity Ms. Floriani and Mrs. Niesman put into that classroom every day. We’re going to miss the hugs, songs, sledding, skating, snowy mornings, Christmas Pageant, Otto the fish and all of the wonderful traditions that make Winter Club Preschool so MAGICAL!  - Preschool Parent 2019-2022

This past week my son graduated from the Winter Club Preschool. For three years he was able to explore education from an outdoor perspective and was guided by the amazing teachers, Jillian and Cindy. My son thrived learning the life skills of building relationships, being part of the community, trusting oneself and making friends. I am forever grateful for his early education at the Winter Club Preschool and I’m always happy to talk to any parent who is inquiring.  - Preschool Parent 2019-2022

We cannot say enough good things about the Winter Club preschool program. Everyday is filled with something new and enjoyable for the children. Jillian and Cindy greet the children each morning with smiles and positive energy and you can see this attitude is contagious when you pick up your child. Our daughter has not only learned her numbers, about nature, and explored the outdoors but they teach the children how to work together and build a strong community. These are lessons that are so important for our youth.  - Preschool Parent 2021- Present

We feel so fortunate to have found the Winter Club Preschool. All of my children adore The Winter Club and Ms. Floriani and Mrs. Neisman, their energy and love for kids is truly unmatched. Children instantly feel loved and such a bond to these two incredible teachers and the amazing classroom and environment they have built.  To see my son's love for learning, his teachers, classmates and the outdoors in any weather is so special. It truly is a one of a kind place and I am so happy my other children will get to experience it as well.  Especially during the past two challenging years I do not know what we would have done without the Winter Club Preschool.  They did not miss a single day of school this past year through the amazing work of these teachers and group of parents.  My son is going to kindergarten beyond prepared and confident. The timeless traditions including the Christmas Pageant and Preschool Graduation will be memories forever treasured in our family.  -Preschool Parent 2019 - Present